Mushaf Novel

Mushaf Novel
Mushaf Novel

Mushaf by Nimra Ahmed Romantic Urdu Novel is the most additional standard, scholarly and innovatively composed anecdotal story. Nimra Ahmed, who is a standout amongst the best, helpful and provocative scholars of Pakistan. The name of the novel “MUSHAF” (Arabic name of the Holy Quran) gives us an indication that it is a story identified with religious substance or it may contain a few refrains with lovely significance and profound tafseer. Perusers of Mushaf venture through anticipation, energy, love, trust, treachery, emergency and unforgiving substances of a fierce life. Regardless of having this, this novel leaves a perpetual spot in the peruser’s heart.

Mehmal Ibraheem

The entire novel spins around the life of the young lady, Mehmal Ibraheem, who is disappointed and disturbed from the world. The epic takes an exceptionally odd turn when Mehmal chooses to restore the Mushaf to that dark cleaned young lady and endeavors to influence her to understand that it was not the sort of a book that she depicts it to be and she thinks about the Quran. The following huge bend happens when Fuwaad, her cousin, fools Mehmal and pitches her to Hamayun and around then I was stunned. At that point the noor spreads in the life of Mehmal and aides her in a manner one can never envision. The way Nimra Ahmed has accomplished it with her innovative abilities is astonishing. The acquaintance of flawless stanzas related with the proper circumstance merits contemplating over; for instance the season of the passing of her mom and how for each circumstance Quran had every one of the appropriate responses.

Nimra Ahmad

Nimra Ahmed perfectly passed on the high points and low points of life and brilliantly associated refrains of Quran with the happenings throughout Mehmal’s life. Another essential exercise it gave was that we should confide in Allah and nobody else. In fact direction is for the individuals who look for it. Mushaf in book structure is distributed by Ilm o Irfan Publishers, Lahore and conveyed to you by Kitab Ghar for internet perusing and downloading PDF Novel.

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